If you’re reading this, it’s a pretty safe bet that you’re looking for more than conventional success in your life and business.  You have big dreams, and a big vision for how you want to impact the planet through your business.

And yet…

You may not be getting the results you want in your business.  Your business income may be lower than you want it to be, or you may be charging less than you are worth, or you may be struggling in your sales conversations.

Anything sounding familiar here?  Is there some area of your business that is yielding just so-so or even substandard results right now?

Conventional approaches could be the cause of your problem!

Someone shared this quote with me recently and the truth of it really struck me.

“You should not be surprised to hear that unconventional success calls for unconventional approaches.”  — Price Pritchett, Author of You2

Are you satisfied with the results you see most business owners getting right now?  Or do you desire unconventional success?

And have you ever noticed how impossible it is to create that by using the same approach everyone else is using?

In my industry, something like 90% of coaches make $40,000 or less a year.  Those are the conventional results.  Only 9% of coaches are currently making more than $100,000 a year.  Those are the unconventional results.

So, how do you become one of the “9%” in your industry?

You’ve got to drop the conventional approaches!  And start making unconventional “moves.”

Here are some examples:

Conventional Approach:  Spend the first 3 months in business designing the perfect business card and website and brochures.  Keep thinking:  If I build it, they will come.
Conventional Result:  Little to no income coming into the business in the first 3 months.
Unconventional Approach:  Don’t even build a website – instead, spend the first 3 months in business talking to potential customers and offering them your product or service.
Unconventional Result:  Income coming in right away!

Conventional Approach:  Long sales conversations and processes with lots of friendly chit-chat so they will really like you and want to buy from you.
Conventional Result:  Weeks or months before people will buy from you, if they even end up buying at all. Not many people are willing to pay high fees for a new friend!
Unconventional Approach:  No-nonsense sales conversations that help people get clear on the problem and solution and position you as an expert who can truly help.
Unconventional Result:  People who need you buying quickly and business income now rather than later.

Conventional Approach:  Invest in an online marketing program and sit back and wait for the sales and money to roll in.
Conventional Result:  I built it – why aren’t they coming? (Little or no money rolling in.)
Unconventional Approach:  Invest in a coach to help you learn how to get through your blocks to offering your product/service at fees that reflect your true value.
Unconventional Result:  Increased income and the ability to create whatever income you want in the future.

Conventional Approach:  Invest in your business at the level you think you can afford.
Conventional Result:  The same or maybe slightly better business results than you got before the investment.
Unconventional Approach:  Invest at a level that scares the poop out of you in a program with someone who is miles ahead of you (even though your family and friends all think you’re crazy.)
Unconventional Result:  A quantum leap in your business income.

Getting the idea here?

My coaching questions for you today:

Do you desire unconventional results in your business?
Where are you not getting them?
What conventional approach are you taking in that area?
What unconventional approach will you now take to get the result you really want?

Will you join those of us in the “9%”?

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