Is there something you want in your life that you’re having trouble creating? Happiness? Peace? More money? A business you love?

If so, you might be suffering from RBR Syndrome!

There’s an affliction affecting many on our planet right now called “I’d rather be right than …” syndrome.

What is this syndrome, you ask? It’s what happens when you are more attached to a limiting belief than to what you say you really want.

One way this belief is showing itself for many on this planet right now is in the area of money. So, the syndrome here is “I’d rather be right than rich.” When you hang tightly onto the belief that it’s a terrible time to make money, you actually stop the flow of money to you. Why is that? Because you are so determined to be right about the economy, and so dislike the idea of your belief being wrong, that your subconscious will simply stop the flow of money to you.

It’s easy to use the example of money here, but this affliction can apply to anything you want to create in your life. If you want happiness, for example, but your belief is that most people are unhappy and only “lucky” people are happy, you have a belief that happiness only happens by luck. And that belief will keep you from allowing yourself to be happy anytime you’re not on the receiving end of some lucky event outside of you.

See how this works? And these beliefs can sometimes be very sneaky! They can operate at the subconscious level, where they were loaded in years ago — perhaps even when you were a small child — and “run you” from behind the scenes without you even being aware of them!

What can you do about this? One thing you can do is take a close look at an area of your life where you’re not getting the results you want right now. Then take a very honest look at all of the beliefs you have about that area. Your third step is to consciously decide which ones you want to keep and which ones are no longer serving you in creating the life you want.

So let me ask you again. Would you rather be right than happy? Would you rather be right than rich? Would you rather be right than be at peace? And are you right when your beliefs stop you from living the kind of life you truly deserve?

I invite you today to stop and answer these questions. You’ll be glad you did!

  1. Look at an area of your life where you ARE getting what you want. And examine your beliefs about that area. How are they serving you?
  2. Now look at an area of your life where you’re NOT getting what you want. Do a “beliefs dump” on paper about this area. If you want to go further, ask a few people in your life what you believe about this area. They will tell you what beliefs you’re actually living! Include these on your list.
  3. Once you have your list, go through each item and ask yourself whether that belief is helping you create what you want, or holding onto that belief along with your need to be right about it is actually blocking you from creating what you want.
  4. Release and replace the beliefs that are getting in your way.

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