Every day I talk to women who have a grand vision for their life and business.  Some of them are stepping into that vision and creating exciting results, and some of them are “stuck.”  They are simply not getting the results they want, and aren’t quite sure how to move forward.

An important difference between these two groups is their level of commitment.  Although not always visible to them, it is extremely visible to me when I hear their responses to solutions to their challenges.

So here’s an important question for you:

Are you more committed to creating what you want or your excuses for not getting it?

I’m hearing a ton of excuses from entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs right now:

I can’t because of the economy

I can’t because of my current finances

I can’t because of my husband

I can’t because of my kids

I can’t because I’m not ready

I can’t because                                 (insert your excuse here)

When we use these excuses for not creating the result we want, here’s what we’re really saying.

I am more committed to my excuse than I am to what I want.

It’s kind of like faith.  We all have faith.  Some of us have faith in what we want to happen, and others have faith in what they don’t want to happen (fear).  But we all have it.  It’s just pointed in different directions.

Commitment is the same way.  We are all committed to something.  Many people on this planet today are demonstrating their commitment to having a life and business that are tolerable at best.  And some of those people are extremely committed to their pain, their low self-esteem, and their stories about how and why they can’t have what they really want.

Others are truly committed to the lives and businesses they truly desire.  They take a “no excuses” attitude, and take actions every day to create it.

They’re committed even when economists tell them we are in a recession.

They’re committed even when potential clients tell them no.

They’re committed even when they are tired.

They’re committed even when it’s not easy.

They’re committed even when it’s not convenient.

They’re committed even when their husband isn’t supportive.

They’re committed even when they don’t see where the money will come from.

Get the picture?

Which of these camps do you fall into?

Have you been acting like you’re more committed to getting what you want or to your excuses?

And what thought, beliefs, or actions can you change starting now to turn that commitment in the right direction?

Want a different result in your life or business?  Redirect your commitment now!

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