Many of my clients are stepping up to reach bigger and bigger goals in their lives and businesses, and I congratulate every one of you who is doing the same.

That brings me to the topic I’d like to share about today – the chaos that our subconscious mind can stir up every time we decide to up-level our lives or businesses in some significant way, AND what you can do about it when it happens!

Here’s what you need to know first.  Your subconscious mind has been programmed over the years to get exactly the results you’ve been getting most of your life.  Much of the belief and system of “rules” running you from behind were loaded into you before you even developed a conscious mind at the age of 7 or 8.

As adults, we continue to receive this programming from the environment all around us – the people we spend the most time with, the “experts” we learn from, the things we read and listen to, etc.

The results you’ve been getting are a result of that programming, because you’ve been choosing your actions based on that programming.

Any time you make a NEW decision for your life or business, a couple of things take place:

  1. The Universe starts to “rearrange” itself to bring you what you want, AND
  2. Your subconscious mind tries whatever it can to stop you from moving away from the “safety” of where you are now.

The combination of these two things going on at the same time can create what looks to us like a crazy, chaotic mess!

Allow me to share a couple examples from my own journey.

I remember the first time I made the decision to make a quantum leap in my business.  I decided to enroll in a high-end coaching program with an amazing coach, and the investment was well over $20,000.  Almost immediately after making that commitment, another $17,000 worth of unexpected expenses showed up in my life!

Here’s another one that has happened several times.  When I decide to step up in my business in some way, some of my loyal, long-time clients start falling away.

These kinds of things can feel very chaotic in the heat of the moment!

But they really are to be expected.  Look back at number 1 and 2 above.  Isn’t it true that some rearranging HAS to happen in order for you to get different results?  And isn’t it true that if you want fabulous new clients who will pay your new fees for that new thing you’re going to help them with that some of your old clients are simply taking up space and are not ready to grow with you?  And that you’ll actually need room for your fabulous new clients?

So the Universe is actually assisting us in situations like this.  But we have to step back and look at the big picture in order to see that.  And sometimes, we just need to trust and have faith, because we won’t even be able to see how something was helpful in us reaching our goals until much later.

The second piece is the chaos that your subconscious mind stirs up to keep you where you are.  It will try whatever it can to stop you.  In the last few years, mine has tried the $17,000 trick, a 6-month infection that almost put me out of commission, and the violent beating of my son by a group of boys at a New Year’s eve party – just to name a few!

The key with this one is to step back and see it for what it is.  Your subconscious will hit you with whatever it can to stop you.  It’s not evil, in fact, it’s doing its job very well.  But its job is simply to keep you alive, which can be as little as one level above being dead.  And you want much, much more than that for your life and business or you wouldn’t even be reading this article right now!

So EXPECT the chaos.  And by that, I mean don’t be surprised when it hits right after you’ve made an important decision that will move you toward your goal.

See it for what it is.  And keep moving forward anyway!

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Debbie – I’m letting the chaos stop me from moving forward. Please help!

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