D7 Debbie DelgadoI recently had the honor of speaking on David Neagle’s stage at his June Destination Seven event in Phoenix.  Many of you know that I coach some of David’s D7 clients in their journey to their Seven Figure business.

One of the things I shared there was that in order to make money in your business, you need to understand the true cause of money coming in. 

Many people think that the cause is something outside of them – the economy, how much money people say they have, how “lucky” a business person is, etc, etc, etc.

None of that is true!

The only cause of money coming into your business is sales.

It’s not your beautiful business card, or your website, or how clean and organized your desk is.  Those are just tools, and it takes action to bring clients and money in.

The cause of money coming in is you taking action every day.

If you want money to come into your business today, you’ll have to actually talk to people and find out whether they need your help and then offer them a product or service.  For many of you, that means picking up the phone and calling people on your list.  For those of you who don’t have a list yet, it will mean getting outside of your office and finding the people who need your help.

And guess what?  You may have to talk to several people today before one says “yes” and hands you a credit card.

But I guarantee you the only way one will hand you money is if you have the conversations.

And that’s where many of you stop.

You let your own fears about taking that action take priority over your desire to serve others and bring money in.

How much longer can you allow that to happen?

If you don’t know who to talk to, you need a strategy for generating quality leads.  If you don’t know how to have an effective sales conversation, you need a coach to help you learn how to sell.  If you don’t know how to overcome objections in the sales conversation, you need a coach to help you learn how.

It’s a simple cause and effect equation.  You talking to the right people and having the right conversation results in money coming in and you being of true service to those people you’re here to help.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

What action will YOU take today to be the cause of money coming in?

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