I’ve heard from a lot of women business owners this past week as on my speaking and sponsorship “road tour”!  I’ve met so many incredible women and taken the opportunity to talk to them about what they really want to create in their businesses, and I’ve noticed an area where many are falling short.

It’s in the area of congruence.  And it’s a huge deal.  It’s about who you need to be in order to create what you want in your business.

As you interact with your potential clients and customers, there is an entire “conversation” going on under the surface.  It’s an energetic conversation, and it makes a big difference in whether the people you are here to serve end up buying from you.

We’ve all experienced this on the receiving end.  Think of a time when you interacted with  someone and they said and did all the right things, but something just didn’t feel right to you about them.  You might have even wanted to get away from the person, but you couldn’t explain exactly why – it was just a feeling you had about something being “off.”

How likely are you to do business with someone when you feel like that?

What’s happening in those moments is that you are sensing that the person is not congruent or aligned with what they are saying or doing.

And that same kind of incongruence could be stopping you from creating what you want in your business.  Your thoughts, beliefs, and actions must all be in alignment with what you want.

If you want clients that pay their bills on time, you must pay your bills on time.
If you want clients to invest with you at high levels, you must invest in yourself and your business at high levels.
If you want clients who are willing to invest in their personal growth, you must invest in your personal growth.
If you want clients to purchase what you’re selling, you must also be a purchaser of what you’re selling.  (Coaches, consultants, and healers – I’m talking to you here!)
If you want clients to decide quickly to work with you, you must decide quickly to work with those people who can help you.

And you must go first.

You’re in business because you want to lead others to solutions for their lives and businesses.  In order to be a leader, you must be willing to go first.  Waiting for more clients before you get the help you need just won’t cut it.  Waiting for your clients to invest in you before you invest in yourself is not going to get you the business results you want.

You’ve just been given a gift!  Because once you understand this, you can look at any result you are getting in your business that is not ideal, and solve it by asking yourself this question:

Where am I being incongruent with what I want in my business?

Would you like to attract wonderful customers to your business who are happy to invest with you, pay you on time, and get great results from your products and services?

Get congruent!


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