What To Do When the Money Just Isn’t Flowing…

I’ve been noticing a trend lately as I talk to business owners – especially those who are in the newer stages of business. Getting those first few clients and getting into a rhythm with your sales Money Flowing Debbie Delgadoand marketing is a hurdle many new business owners struggle with. Unfortunately, a good percentage of them never fully resolve this issue, which ultimately leads to closing their business doors and going back to working for someone else, with their tail between their legs and their dreams shattered .

It’s a terrible shame, as they are so often truly gifted people who have something wonderful and needed to share with the world.

So, what can you do when you’re just starting out to make sure you don’t end up being the main character in this all-too-common saga?

Here are 5 ways you can avoid that happening to you!

Solution #1: Forget the fancy bells and whistles! When you’re just starting out, you’re in what we call a “need money now” situation. The only thing that stands between you and money coming in is you getting out there and talking to people who might need what you have to offer. Every fancy website, business card, and online marketing system you put time into at this stage of your business merely lengthens the amount of time between you needing money and you having it. You can either spend months building that online system, which will then take weeks or months to bring customers to you (if it ever does), or you can talk directly with people who need to hire you right now!

Solution #2: Quit working on your elevator speech! I can’t tell you how many new business owners share with me that they just don’t know what to “tell” people about them and their business, so they avoid talking to potential clients at all. Here’s the thing – nobody wants you to tell them anything! They are looking for someone to listen to them. Think about it – how often in today’s world do you really feel heard? People are absolutely craving this and the more you do it, the more brilliant they will think you are! Ask and listen. Get out there and start asking people about their problems and what they need. And really listen to what they’re telling you. Then, if you have a solution, offer it to them.

Solution #3: Quit trying to copy other people! Know what works for you. If you already know your Manifesting Design, use it to market your business more effectively! If you don’t, track your results – there are lots of clues there for you! If you already have some clients or customers, take a close look at where they came from. If they were from speaking engagements, book more speaking engagements. If you met them while networking, do more of that! If they were referrals, start creating more partnerships. If you haven’t yet had any customers in your new business, look to past businesses or successes you’ve had. There are so many different ways to market a business that it can be absolutely overwhelming. And scattering your precious time and energy across 15 different strategies is sure to lengthen the amount of time between you and the money you need now.!

Solution #4: Quit taking advice from people who don’t know! I see this all the time – especially in coaching program forums. Sometimes there are hundreds of people who are all in the same boat – getting results they don’t want – and they are all giving each other advice.. Are you familiar with the term “the blind leading the blind?” You see a lot of this in the coaching world – a group of brand-new coaches, none of whom are making any money, decide to “mastermind” together and support each other in growing their businesses. Need I say more here?

Solution #5: Stop deluding yourself! I’ve had conversations with business owners who later end up closing their doors and getting a job. The last words I usually hear from them are “I can do this on my own.” Doing more of what’s already not working is simply insane. Every successful business owner I know hired people who were ahead of them in the game. Get the support you need!

Which solution will you take action on today?

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