I’m constantly talking to business owners about their dreams for their lives and businesses.  Some are taking actions to make those dreams a reality, but many are spending more time staying small and “safe” than taking the actions that will create the future they really want.

So the question I have for you today is:

What really happens when you play small?

It’s often a surprise to people when they think about this.  Their answer can either propel them into action or magnify their pain.  And some will find the question too painful to even think about.

Here is what I’ve found to be the truth about playing small.

YOU Suffer
I spent many years in the Corporate World, where I observed a phenomenon I call the “walking dead.”  People who are numbly tolerating every work day in hope of some future time when they will be happy and enjoying their lives.  They go to work every day and do what they have to do, but there is little or no joy or passion in it.  They long ago gave up on their dreams of helping people in some big way or starting their dream business, and now their goal is to stay employed long enough to retire and finally start enjoying life.  Everything will happen in the future.  Two more days to the weekend, and then I’ll be happy.  Five more years to retirement and then I’ll be happy.  There is an emptiness inside, but the illusion of safety in getting that paycheck every week or two is the rationale that keeps them where they are.

Some of you have taken the leap and started your dream business, but have now replicated the very same phenomenon in your own business.  You keep your pricing low, you stay hidden, your income is far from where you want it to be, and you’re not having the impact you want to have.

You’re playing small.  And it hurts.  Your soul hurts.  And you suffer.

The People You Are Here to Serve Suffer
Because you’re playing small, the many people you are here to help can’t find you.  And then you can’t help them.  The Law of Polarity, which states that everything has an opposite, is there to show you that if you have a gift for helping others, people who need that gift from you must also exist.

But when you minimize your gift (“It’s really not that special”), or hide from people (e.g. working endlessly on creating your new program or website instead of talking to potential clients), or don’t allow people who need your gift to invest in themselves at significant levels, the people who need your help do not receive it.

And they suffer.

God’s ROI Suffers
Your gifts and talents were given to you by God.  In the hopes that you would contribute to the Planet in a big way.  What kind of return on investment is God getting from you?  Need I say more here?

Where in your business are you playing small right now?
What would happen if you decided today to stop doing that?
What would you do if you decided to step up and play big?
Who could you help if you chose to do that?
How would your life change?

What new decision will you make today

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