Are you Lying to Yourself?

Have you ever found yourself thinking “Whose life am I really living?”

Believe me, I’ve been there!  I’ve been in a “great job” where I couldn’t fully express who I am.  I’ve been in a long-term relationship that looked great to everyone else but was killing my soul one day at a time… You get the picture.

But lately, I’ve been experiencing the opposite – an incredible appreciation for the life I’ve created.Debbie Delgado

Incredible clients I love working with who love investing in themselves and transforming their lives.  The freedom to create my own schedule.  Time to relax and indulge in the things I love.  A great excuse for indulging my expensive personal growth habit.  The beautiful view out my office window.  Close friends I love spending time with.   New and improved relationships with my family and children.

I have created a life and business that I truly love and enjoy!

And I just realized the reason why it keeps getting better and better – I’m finally being honest with myself about the life I want! And the life I want and love probably doesn’t look like the one anyone else thinks I should want!

I grew up in a town where most people are living a life they think they should want. It’s expected that you should want to live in certain neighborhoods, work for certain companies, go to certain churches and restaurants, and drive certain cars.

Interestingly – even in the industry I’m in, which is all about conscious entrepreneurism, the “should wants” abound. People strive like crazy to reach the 7 figure mark. The success standard has become non-stop work, bigger and bigger support teams, and more and more elaborate business systems.

It’s not what I want. My reasons for helping people and making money are my own. I want to indulge my own love of learning and passing my new knowledge onto others so they can create lives they love, as well as the incomes they will need to do that. I want to have time to relax and enjoy my life. I want to give to causes I care about.

There’s a major employer in my town that provides middle income jobs to a high percentage of the population. When you talk to the employees many of them hate their jobs, complain about the company, and dread going to work every Monday.

But when you ask them why they continue to work there, they answer “I’m scared to leave and do something else.” They never say “I want to work there.”

When you’re “everywhere but here” (the running to-do list in your head, or the constant reliving of past events that are no longer happening), it’s pretty easy to lose your connection to you and what you want for your life, and you just go into “default” mode, which is what everyone else “tells” you you should want. It’s like you are letting others and the environment around you think for you, and your daily actions move you toward what “they” want for you.

And suddenly you find yourself living someone else’s life. Staying at a job that everyone else thinks you should have. Or going for a goal that people above you think you should want. Or staying in a relationship that others tell you is good enough.

So, remembering what you want does actually require you to slow yourself down and get present with you.

When was the last time you did that?

Take a look at the life you are living right now – where you are living, what you do every day to earn money, how you spend your time and who you spend time with.

Does it reflect your true desires?

Or does it reflect the “shoulds” that you’ve accepted from other people?

Your parents?
Your spouse?
Your friends?
Your neighbors?
Your company?
Your coworkers?
Your boss?
Everyone but you?

Have you been lying to you?

Does it take courage to live the life you want? Do other people judge you through their own fears about standing up for what they want? Hell, yes!

But what can give you the courage to do it anyway?

Going after something that will give you what you really, really want.

So the important question for you is — What is that for you?

When was the last time you gave some real thought and attention to what you really want? How you want to live? And what you want to invest your time and money?

It all begins there…

Will you do it now?

If your life feels like a lie and you need support to change that, Contact Kathy today to see if we can help!

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