excuseThroughout my journey from employee to successful entrepreneur, I’ve observed myself using a lot of excuses for not playing bigger. I’ve moved through some of them fairly quickly, and have been more stubborn about others.

As long as you continue to play bigger and bigger, which is what we are all here to do, you will bump up against deeper layers of your own “stuff” each time you want to move to a new level.

For me this past year has been about moving through family issues and excuses. There have been times when I’ve held myself back so that friends and family members who weren’t growing wouldn’t feel uncomfortable. Just recently I realized that when I do this, I’m actually supporting their limitations for their lives. I lose, because I’m not being my best self, and they lose, because they get to stay “comfortable” where they are, when they really want more.

As someone who helps my clients create what they want in their lives and businesses, I get to experience the whole world of excuses from observing their journeys as well. And oh boy, there are a lot of excuses out there for not making the changes we need to make in order to get the results we want!

You know you’re here to play bigger in some way. You know you are here to make a difference on this planet. And you know, on some level, that you have infinite potential for doing that.

So if you’re not playing as big as you want, you’re using some kind of excuse to rationalize that. Here are 3 of the most common excuses I see people use.

Excuse: “I’m afraid.”

Could be “I’m afraid to leave my job and be full time in my business.” “I’m afraid to raise my rates.” “I’m afraid to make big investments in myself and my business.” “I’m afraid to ask people to buy what I offer.” Any of these sound familiar?

This is a very commonly used excuse, and there’s good reason it stops most people in their tracks.

Most of us have been taught that fear is something to be avoided at all costs, and that we should stop and turn back whenever we come up against it.

The solution to this one? Start seeing the truth about fear. Fear is just part of any change process. It’s just a feeling that comes up when you do something new. It will not kill you. It is something to be expected and experienced each time you change and grow.

But fear is not something to be avoided by turning back. It is something you experience while you continue to move forward. And you won’t stop being afraid unless you move through it to the other side. When you get there you will see that there was actually nothing to be afraid of. But most people will let it stop them on the front end.

Excuse: “I don’t have enough money to do that.”

“I don’t have the money to invest in learning how to build a successful business.” “I don’t have the money to hire people I need in my business.” “I don’t have the money to ____________.”

I’ve talked to many people who act like investing in themselves and their business is the same as buying a fancy new car or piece of jewelry. It isn’t. Investing in your business is not an expense that will start to depreciate the minute you drive it off the lot. It is money you put in that has the potential for huge payoff on the other side – sometimes immediately, and sometimes longer term. How quickly it will pay off often depends on how committed you are to implementing what you invest in.

Your background plays into this excuse in a number of ways. Whether you were raised with an employee or entrepreneur mindset can determine whether and how you use money as an excuse.

Employee mindset: First I earn the money, then I spend it. I must have a big pile of money sitting in an account marked “Investment Money for my Business” in order to invest in myself or my business in any way. It would be irresponsible to invest money that I don’t yet see in my account.

Successful Entrepreneur mindset: First I make the decision to invest, and then I get creative about finding the money to pay for that investment.   Big rewards require some risk up front. Just like investing in the Markets, small, “safe” investments reap small rewards. Large, “riskier” investments reap large rewards! I commit to making the investments I make in my business pay off.

This is going to sound scary to many of you, but when I look back at how I got over this excuse, it was by hiring a business coach that charged me $100,000. Was I scared to death? Absolutely! Did I know where the money would come from to pay for it? I had no idea. But here’s the thing – I got through it, I paid for it, and now I don’t hesitate to invest in myself at any level – when I need to invest in some way for my business, I do it, and know that I will find a way to pay for it AND make the investment pay off on the other end.

Excuse: God or your religion.

Oh boy, is Debbie really going to go here? Yes! I am! Because this excuse is rampant and too many people are afraid to talk about it. And I’m tired of people blaming their own choices for smallness on their Creator!

Religion is a great and handy excuse for many people, and one that most people will not question. Saying “God doesn’t want this for me” or “That would be against my religion” is such an easy excuse to reach for! You get to feel righteous and like a good follower, while also preventing most people from ever challenging you on it.

Here’s the thing – at the foundation of each of the major religions, the creator tells us we are here to be and have all that we desire. So how do you think your God feels about being used as your excuse not to take advantages of the opportunities before you? You ask for what you want, God delivers the opportunity, and then you say “God doesn’t want me to have it.” Your creator gave you free will over your life. It’s your decision not to step into what you want. Are you ready to start taking responsibility for that?

What excuse stands between you and your success? Is it time to stop using it and finally create what you want?

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