Some of you are aware that I grew up in a town called Normal, Illinois. And boy oh boy, does it ever live up to its name. Medium- size town, 2 Universities, and 3 or 4 major employers. It is the home of State Farm Insurance, a long-standing and conservative Fortune 100 company. Normal is also known for a high ratio of restaurants to people, and the typical social activity is dining at the newest chain restaurant. Nearly 15% of the population works at State Farm, and many people work there from high school or college graduation through retirement.

I worked there for 16 years myself prior to starting my own business, and I still remember the gasping faces of other employees when I told them I was leaving. One guy just stared at me for about 5 minutes with his mouth gaping open – he couldn’t even fathom someone making such a “daring” and “abnormal” move.

So I lived in a town called Normal and for many years followed the normal path of working for the area’s largest employer which was a very normal company. And in order to be successful, I tried to be normal and conform and fit in as much as possible. (Okay – truth be told, I didn’t really try that hard, and I was super-good at finding positions where I could pretty much do my own thing.)

Fast forward, and we all find ourselves in a different world. Some of us are noticing that it’s a new game, and many are not.

Have you looked around and actually noticed the people who are playing really big right now? In my world, I think of people like Panache Desai, or Rikka Zimmerman, or Andrrea Hess – all teachers and mentors of mine.

Well – here’s the thing you’ll notice when you do.

People who are having huge impact and enjoying huge incomes right now are anything but normal. They are being true to their authentic, weird, and totally unique selves. They are offering services that are considered downright crazy by some, and are impacting the lives of those they serve in incredible ways.

So an important question for you right now if you’re not creating the impact and income you want is:

What if trying to be “normal” is actually what’s keeping your from the success you want?

I agree that if you’re a business owner, you’ve already gone one step beyond the “normal” path of working for someone else your whole life. So, then, what do I mean by trying to be normal? Here are a few examples:

  • Trying to make your business look just like the successful role models in your industryfreakflag
  • Following without question the advice being given by experts in your industry
  • Following systems created by experts in your field even though they don’t work for you
  • Toning yourself down so that people won’t think you’re weird or out of the mainstream
  • Being broke and frustrated just like most of your entrepreneur friends
  • Trying to be something you’re not – even though your Soul is dying a little bit each day

Get the idea?

Trying to be normal hurts. It hurts your Soul. And it will never lead you to the results you really want.

You were meant to be spectacular and magnificent – not normal or average! And being the unique, weird, quirky you is what will actually lead you to the truly incredible life you desire.

Look around you. Do you see how there is more opportunity than ever to be who you areand become incredibly successful in the process? (Think about the millionaire stars of the TV show “Jackass” here)

It’s time. Time for you to be who you are, and do what you’re really here to do.

It takes courage. But your courage will be rewarded and you will serve as a role model for all who follow you.

Are you willing to finally start letting your freak-flag fly?

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