GrowthI confess that I used to look at people who had the lives and businesses I wanted very judgmentally.  They must have done something unethical to get there, and I’m not willing to do that.  Or they’re just lucky, and I’m not.  Or they know someone, and I don’t.  Or they’re talented, and I’m not.

It took me many years of learning and personal growth to understand what was really going on.  The Universe really does operate according to predictable laws.  At the base of all of it, the purpose of the Universe is growth.  The purpose of us is growth.

And people who had big results – who were making a big impact and making great money — were simply willing to grow in ways I was not.

Just about everyone loves the idea of the freedom and flexibility and the potential for unlimited income and impact that entrepreneurship offers.  But there’s a reason why most people will end up working for someone else for most or all of their lives.

When you want to play big, but refuse to grow…

You know in your heart that everything you want is possible, but it just isn’t happening
You watch others around you becoming successful and wonder “Why not me?”
Your business is a struggle
Your life is a struggle
You keep getting the same (poor) results day after day
You choose the “safety” of what you know over taking the “risks” that will bring you everything you want
You adamantly resist the very thing you need to change that will start to change everything for you, and you are downright righteous about it
You buy into the idea that to stay who and where you currently are is somehow safer than growing and taking risk
You don’t impact the people you want to serve or make the money you want to make
Your Soul dies a little bit each day
You actually shrink, because the Universe around you is growing

Look – the person you’ve been until now has gotten you the results you currently see before you. If you want more, you need to be more – you need to raise yourself to the level of the bigger things you want – and that requires you to grow. The business and life you truly want for yourself are bigger than you are being right now.

You might need to question and change your “rules.” You might need to change your thoughts. You might need to change your beliefs. You might need to change your opinions. You might need to change your judgments.

You might need to change the way you see things. You might need to question the things you were taught by people who were trying to protect you and didn’t know any better.

You might need to change your actions.

Because if you take the sum total of all of these aspects of you right now they equal the results you have now.

It takes a new decision to change and grow. It takes courage to change and grow.

Most people will refuse to do it.

Will you be one of them?

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