Asking… This is a huge topic that could go in so many different directions! I do a lot of sales training with my clients, and learning to ask good questions is critical to bringing clients into your business.

But today I’d like to address a different aspect of asking. Something that has certainly been a recurring lesson in my journey. It’s something that might be really helpful for you as well.

Several years ago, I participated in a very intense workshop experience with one of my business coaches. It was a 5-day event, and every evening we had to approach total strangers and ask them for money.

This exercise scared the crap out of me! It took me 3 days to even work up the courage to approach anyone. And I owned a fairly successful coaching business at that time! By day 5 I was getting a bit braver about approaching people and even was able to score a few dollars. My biggest aha’s from this experience were: 1.  I really wasn’t doing a lot of asking clients to work with me in my business.  2.  I wasn’t asking people to pay me what I really wanted to earn, and 3.  Sometimes people want to be asked again after an initial “no.”  (Yes, someone actually chased me down the street to give me money because it never dawned on my that they just wanted to be asked again).

When I returned to my business, I doubled my previous income almost immediately.

A few years later, I had an aha moment in a VIP Day with my coach that I still wasn’t always asking for what I wanted – even in small, seemingly insignificant ways in my life. Believe it or not, it was a huge breakthrough for me to approach a vendor in the airport and ask for a bag of ice after I twisted my ankle walking through the airport! I realized there are so many times in my life that I would rather “suffer” than ask for help.

Fast forward to this year, and another coaching program I’m participating in. One of our assignments was to call someone and ask for their help with something. Without offering anything in return! Once again, I was shocked that this felt like a stretch for me!

Okay … so maybe I’m a slow learner!

But here’s the thing.

If you’re not asking for what you want, then essentially you’re “asking” for something else – usually what you don’t want!

When I wasn’t asking people to buy, I was “asking” for and receiving a lower income. And when I wasn’t asking for help when I hurt my ankle, I was “asking for” and receiving a swollen, throbbing ankle.

Some of you are “asking” to stay in a job you no longer love because you’re not asking for the help you need to start a business you would love.

And some of you are receiving a paltry business income because you’re not asking people to buy from you. Or you’re not asking for the fees you really want from your clients. Or you’re not asking for and receiving the help you need to grow your business.

Think about something you want that you’re not currently getting in your life or business. What are you not asking for that’s causing that result?Ask Debbie Delgado

Asking is the starting point for receiving.

The Universe is friendly and is more than happy to deliver to you opportunities for getting what you want. I’ve had to learn that lesson many times over the years. And I’ve been continually delighted when I finally actually ask! Just the other day I asked for a couple things I wanted from the organizer of an event I’m sponsoring, and they immediately changed the entire contract to include what I asked for. Just a few years ago, I wouldn’t have even asked.
Good things happen when you simply ask for what you want.

Where are YOU stopping short?

Is something preventing you from asking and you can’t quite figure out what it is? Contact Kathy today to see if we can help!

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