Debbie DelgadoIf you’re attracted to me and my message, I know certain things about you.

You want to play bigger than you are playing.

You want to change the world in some important way.

You want more than what most people are experiencing right now – more happiness, more peace, more meaning, and more money.

And the truth is that you can have all of these things.

You are in physical manifestation at this time for a reason.  You are here to help people in some important way.  And you are here to experience a joyful, peaceful and prosperous life.

But you must “BE” who you need to be to experience all of those things.

I see so many business owners right now desperately grabbing onto every new technology and business system out there hoping something outside of them will magically save them and their business.

None of those tools will work if you aren’t being who you need to be.  If you’re looking to be saved by the perfect website or social media system and you haven’t first taken a look “inside,” you are looking in the wrong place.

Let’s face it — most people on this Planet right now are unhappy, unhealthy, and broke.

You want something different than most people have.  You want an extraordinary life and business.  You want to make a real difference and serve in a big way.

You will never do that if you are thinking the way most people think.  You’ll never get it if you hold the same limiting beliefs that most people hold.  You’ll never get it if you do the same things that most people are doing.

You must be willing to BE different than most.  You must BE the extraordinary results you want.

You must be true to your purpose and message.  You were given unique gifts and talents for a reason.  You are to use them to serve people in your own unique way.  If you water down your message to appeal to the masses, the people you are here to help will not be able to find you.

You must be willing to look at yourself truthfully.  As my own coach would say “The degree to which a person can grow is directly proportional to the amount of truth she can accept about herself without running away.”  When you are not getting what you want, which is your birthright, by the way, you are out of truth in some way.  And it takes an honest look at yourself to see what you need to change.  Do not be afraid to do this.  And do not judge what you see.  Just see it.  And change it.  And you will get a new result.

You must be willing to critically examine every belief you hold.  Your beliefs are easy to determine.  Every result you currently have in your life reveals the beliefs you hold.  Most were given to you by other people.  And many you cannot explain with anything other than “everyone knows that’s the way it is,” or “I’m just being realistic.”  You were not responsible for the beliefs given to you as a child.  But you are responsible for deciding what beliefs to hold as an adult and to pass on to your children.  And your beliefs must align with the extraordinary results you want in your life and business now.

You must be bold and courageous.  You must be willing to ask potential clients questions most people are afraid to ask them and help them see the truth.  They are stuck in their problem – that’s why they need you!  Your job is to wake them up so you can help them.  And that will require boldness from you.

You must be a life-long student.  As Eric Hoffer so beautifully wrote:  “In times of drastic change it is the learners who inherit the future. The learned usually find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists.”  Our world is changing more rapidly than ever before.  If you stop learning, you and your business will start dying.  Look around you – it’s happening to companies and even entire industries all over the world.  Give up the idea of being “done” learning.  You are here to grow and learn and become more and more valuable to yourself and others.

Is how you’re currently BEing getting you the results you want in your life and business?

Choose one of the ways of BEing I’ve described here and take it up a notch starting now!


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